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History of the company

The Company FEPRO Fensterbau GmbH & Co. KG was established on 01. May of 1991.

At the beginning ther were only 3 assists employed.
Today there are in the FEPRO GmbH more than 20 assists, in addition between 3 and 5 trainees. They are training in construction mechanics and office worker.

The establishing of the company original was at Rhinow, a small town in the west of County Havelland. The year 1994 was decisive for looking on future. The company made some investments and moved to the trade area "Grünauer Fenn" at the countytown Rathenow.


In the course of time the company could got in touch with additiv companies and producers. And so we can offer a large scale of products and you can choose different producers, for example Schüco, Interpane, Knipping, Heroal, Hörmann or Dorma.

More then 30 Million Euro turnover are a sign of continue hard work.

The company is realizing orders all over Germany, from Sylt to Bayern.

Customers are companies, hotels, banks, architects and privates. You can meet our company at first on big building sites.

The construction elements are made of aluminium or plastics.